Elva الشعر الإنسان الدانتيل الجبهة الباروكات الشعر المجعد البرازيلي ريمي الشعر شعر مستعار الدانتيل الجبهة مع شعر الطفل قبل التقطه الطبيعية Hariline 8-26"

Elva الشعر الإنسان الدانتيل الجبهة الباروكات الشعر المجعد البرازيلي ريمي الشعر شعر مستعار الدانتيل الجبهة مع شعر الطفل قبل التقطه الطبيعية Hariline 8-26"

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ج.م.‏1 394.90 ج.م.‏850.84
الوسوم:: شعر مستعار مجعد, شعر مستعار مع الشعر بيبي, شعر مستعار ويذ, رخيصة شعر مستعار مجعد, عالية الجودة شعر مستعار مع الشعر بيبي, الصين شعر مستعار ويذ الموردين.





  • حجم الحزمة: 15cm x 10cm x 5cm (5.91in x 3.94in x 1.97in)
  • نوع الوحدة: قطعة
  • حزمة الوزن: 0.5kg (1.10lb.)

  • امتدت على طول: 8inches, 10 بوصات, 12inches, 14inches, 16inches, 18 بوصة, 20inches, 22 بوصة, 24inches, 26inches
  • الإنسان نوع الشعر: الشعر البرازيلي
  • المواد الصف: ريمي الشعر
  • جعلت طريقة: ومن ناحية تعادل
  • اسم العلامة التجارية: Elva الشعر
  • كاب الحجم: متوسط الحجم
  • الملمس: مجعد
  • الكثافة: 130%
  • يمكن برمد: نعم
  • العناصر في كل مجموعة: 1 قطعة فقط
  • نوع البند: شعر مستعار
  • لون الدانتيل: متوسطة براون
  • الشعر المستعار طول: طويلة
  • الدانتيل شعر مستعار نوع: الدانتيل الجبهة الباروكات
  • مناسبة الموت الألوان: جميع الألوان
  • المواد الأساسية: الدانتيل السويسري
  • المواد: شعر الإنسان
Angel62rus1 2018-03-22 Just received my package today. Great communication with the seller. The wig looks like the picture as well...love the quality for the price!!! 5/5
Fabiawrs 2018-03-30 Product came in a week and a couple days. Communication with the seller was good. Personally, the density is perfect for how I like my hair. The lace is good, I have not bleached the knots & don’t plan to. While washing it, I did begin to smell something odd, but if you follow the directions of the seller on how to wash the hair, the smell will go away after washing it. (p.s. the first picture is the hair fresh out of the box, the second is the hair washed, and the third is the hair a day after washing it and putting in Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie & Almond Oil). Overall, I am satisfied with the product and will follow up in a couple of weeks or a month. Ill probably be ordering other hair from this vendor from now on. 5/5
Iabaku Stepanpb1986o 2018-03-23 I must say I was a bit nervous about buying off this site. I did alot of research and I rely strongerly on reviews. This is and will be a honest review. This was bought with my hard earned coins. The seller communicated well. This unit is by far amazing! The curl pattern is super cute. The unit comes with 2 combs near the front and 1 in the back. The lace in the front is great for beginners like myself. There is also a small section of lace in the back as well. Really good free parting space as well. My unit is a 14in. When wet or dry it is to die for sugs but when wet hunni. If you are looking for a natural looking unit then this unit is for you. I would purchase again and again. 1 con was the unit did have a slight of a smell. I did co wash the unit and the smell didn't let up. After I installed it on 3-21-18 and used a good smelling leave in conditioner the smell did die down. My posted pics are of the unit on day 1 completely dry and after a full day of work. 5/5
Polinasokolova1996 2018-04-09 This wig I so soft an pretty doesn’t shed or tangle at all also verrryyyyy low maintenance I jus use water only an it’s perfect I’m able to do a high bun which is awesome thanks again will definitely shop here again!!! 5/5
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